What It Cost To Build

It cost eight million francs (US$1.5 Million 1890 dollars, US$34 Million 2007 dollars), a sum partially funded by the French government. The balance of the cost was paid with the admission proceeds going to Eiffel’s construction company.

Visiting The Tower

For those planning a visit to Paris the Eiffel Tower is open from mid-June to August 31 (High season) and September 1 to mid-June (Low season). And according to Eiffel Tower aficionados, the best time to see the Eiffel Tower is at night when it is lit up by 336 sodium-vapor discharge lamps which gives it a yellow-orange glow. Furthermore, to witness the most spectacular view of the Parisian skyline from the Tower is at sunset.

Visitors who choose to view the splendid panorama of Paris should be prepared to confront massive crowds. First, one must find the end of the line leading to the ticket booth as it snakes around the base of the Tower. Then it’s back in line for up to 2 hours for a ride up on the elevator.

Riding The Elevators

Cost To Build The Eiffel Tower

Although there are four elevators that travel to the 1st and 2nd level, one at each leg, one is always reserved for the restaurant on the second level and one is for tickets to access the stairs. From the second level there is only one elevator to the observation platform. Under “normal” conditions, there is only a single admission point which rotates from leg to leg on different days. But during extra busy days, an additional elevator may also be opened. If you have an aversion to crowds, visit the Eiffel Tower during the winter when the wait is only a few minutes.

The following are the elevator ticket prices as of April 2008:

  • First Level (311 feet) - Adults 4.80 Euros (US$7.68), Children 2.50 Euros
  • Second Level (379 feet) - Adults 7.80 Euros (US$12.50), Children 4.30 Euros
  • Observation Deck (905 feet) - Adults 12.0 Euros (US$19.20), Children 6.70 Euros
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